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Multi-Flavored CBD Infused Gummies:

  • Benefits of CBD with wonderful candy taste profile
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress
  • Great for autism and other conditions w/ sensory conditions
  • Zero THC profile
  • 30 Count Bottle of 20mg multi-flavored


33 Supply, llc  provides 3rd party lab testing to all of our customers on all of our final formulated products and our raw extracted Hemp CBD Oil.  Our goal is to produce the purest all natural ingredients blended with our all natural Zero THC Hemp derived CBD Oil.  This combination is what allows us to bring the best of Cannabidiol supplementation and its many benefits has to offer.To find the lab results of your CBD Product you can look at the batch code on the packaging (bottom) or simply scan the QR Code and it will take you to the 3rd Party Lab Results.Formulated Products: (Finished Product)500 mg Raspberry Tinctures – 1183231 , 1183241

1250 mg Lemon Tinctures –  1190151,

800 mg Spearmint Liposomal Spray –

250 mg CBD Balm (Isolate) – 11900230

25 mg CBD Gelcaps – 118271,


Raw Oil: (Pre-Formulated)

CBD Oil Distillate – Lot 0330,

CBD Isolate –  Batch 301318,